Online Dec 2019
22 year old female • Veterinary Studies • Wagga Wagga
I consider myself to be a relatively easy-going person. I work hard & enjoy a clean and tidy living environment. Exercise regularly (but not crazily) and own a few horses and dogs at home so I love being outdoors. I love meeting new people and socialising, but also enjoy my time alone to reset and relax.
I would like to live with a few people who are like-minded, respectful & kind to one another.
I have a dog who is nearly 7yo who I would love to bring with me. Her name is Ally, she is best by herself (picky with her friendships), loves people and loves toys.
Like most uni students, i'd like to secure a place for as little $ as possible and as much value.
Not working
Has pets
No children
Weekly budget
Preferred stay length
1 year or more
Ready to move


Not required
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Furnished Room

Preferred suburbs

Wagga Wagga

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22 years old • Veterinary Studies
Online Dec 2019
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